Brera District is the artistic heart of Milan, from fine arts to fashion and design. Read more to know what to see and where to go on foot, by bike or Segway.


Palazzo Brera

pinacoteca Brera milano italy

Palazzo Brera is a monumental palace in Brera District, that houses several cultural institutions such as

  • the art academy
  • the gallery
  • the botanical garden;
  • the astonomical observatory

The Academy of Fine Arts shares its history with the Pinacoteca, the main public gallery for paintings in Milan.

If you enter from the main entrance, you can see the bronze statue of Napoleon: an advance of the artistic magnificence of the works of Raffaello, Caravaggio, Mantegna and Bellini that awaits you in the exhibition halls.

Orto Botanico Brera Milan Italy

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Many years ago, botanical gardens were created to produce natural medicines to treat sick people who were in the hospital.

Now botanical gardens continue to be scenic places where to study a wide variety of plants and show them to those who are interested.
Brera Botanical Garden is fully enclosed by tall buildings: mark the address because you will not be able to see it from outside, that is why it is also known as the Secret Garden of Milan!

At the Astronomical Museum you can find the ancient instruments of the Astronomical Observatory of Brera, the oldest scientific research institute of the city for the study of planets.




Church of Santa Maria del Carmine

chiesa santa maria del carmine milano italy

A few steps from the Accademia di Brera and the Sforza Castle, there is a church full of history and art: Santa Maria del Carmine.

Did you know? The thick bell tower, visible from the cloister, was erected at the beginning of the 17th century, but the Spanish governor of the city, Ferrante Gonzaga had it cut off in 1664 – as those of S. Simpliciano church and S. Marco church – because it was much higher than the defense structures of the nearby Castle.


Basilica of San Simpliciano

chiesa san implicano milano italy

The Basilica of San Simpliciano was erected in Milan in the 4th century by the will of the patron saint of Milan, Sant’Ambrogio and completed by his successor San Simpliciano, after whom it is named.

Behind the Romanesque apse of this Basilica there is one of the most elegant cloisters in the city, dating back to 15th century.

Further lies another cloister, called “the two columns”, because of the two colums that hold each capital.

Two jewels that the Basilica of San Simpliciano preserves jealously behind the severe facade on Via Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro. During the 14th century, the poet Francesco Petrarca lived and studied in the Benedectine convent adjacent to San Simpliciano Church.




Brera Design District

Brera design district milan italy

Credits to Brera Design District

As the Official Website says,

Brera Design District […] aims to promote excellence and to develop business and real estate in the area, enhancing the district’s cultural supply and appeal, and bringing together tradition and innovation in the broad field of design.


Every year, Brera Design District organizes the Milano Design Week (Fuorisalone), with hundreds of events and more than 3000 exhibitors.

[…] It contributes to the consolidation of Milan’s role as world design capital by creating an organised network of relations, contacts and information to do with the area, put forward using simple formats that can be used by both experts and the general public.

brera design district map milan italy

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Brera nightlife, aperitivo movida milan italy

Brera district is the bohemian area of Milan, mainly frequented by artists, writers and actors, with cobbled streets and ancient buildings.

Bars of this area have higher prices than the average. Among them, we recommend you:

  • O’Connell (Via Brera 3), an Irish pub with a wide selection of beers
  • Bar Brera, located in front of the Pinacoteca
  • Art Café (Via Brera 23), great for aperitifs
  • Jamaica (Via Brera 32), a true historic bar in Milan, opened since 1911

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