Every customer must have a valid ID to acces our services. It is necessary to have, as a surety, at least one credit card(only VISA or MASTERCARD) for every group of customers to access our rent and tour services.We accept as a payment method Visa e MasterCard credit cards, PayPal, invoice, ATM, and cash. Every customer must disclose the payment documents, in case of online or anticipated purchase.

It is possible to access the tour services for customers over 16 years old, only if accompained by a legal guardian. The underage customers must wear the helmet provided with our services.

The customers are responsible for the hired vehicles and asccessories, and they commit to give them back in the same condition that such vehicles and accessories have been given to them; in case of damages, the customes commit to immediately refund them in total, according the price lists attached of the SEWGAY and BIKE Italian manufacturer or importer.

The customers commit to return the vehicles and all their accessories within and not later that the agreed time. If the customer goes beyond the time limit, he commits himself to pay the difference, that will be calculated every 10 minutes after the scheduled time: 5,00€ for the SEGWAY and 0,50€ for the BIKES.

Any service change, cancel, or refund request is possible only if requested with 48 hours of ancticipated notice, by writing at [email protected] Refund may take until 15 days after a valid cancel request. The customer not showing up at the service start, without prior 48 hours notification, is not eligible for any refund. The customer arriving late for the service start is not eligible for service extension over the prefixed finish time. In case of rain the service is regularly provided. The customer must wear confortable shoes and appropriate clothing, considering weather, season, etc. We always provide helmets and raincoats.The customer aknoledge that the use of our services is forbidden:

a)by customers, willing to use a Segway, whose weight is under 45 kg(100 puonds) or over 113kg(250 pounds);

b)by customers who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, medicines or other chemicals which could alter or reduce consiousness or sense percepion;

c) by customers whose phisical or mental state is usuitabble for driving;

d)by any other preson than the legitimate customer;

e) by pregnant women;

f) to carry goods or other persons;

g) to push or tow other vehicles;

h) to ride the SEGWAY on small sidewalks and on the streets, where the car traffic is permitted, or avoiding in any way the full respect of Italian traffic regulations.

The customer aknoledge that any fine or ticket due to incorrect use of vehicles will be completely assumed by the customer itself.

The customers are aware to be responsible for adequate personal insurance coverage for risks that may occur during the rental period. Activa HT srl is not liable for any claims for body injury or harm, accidents, damage caused to third person property.